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Barcelona, for accessible tourism
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Barcelona offers a wide range of interesting options all year round and opens its doors to everyone. Make the most of the sunshine to go for a stroll and take a dip in the sea on one of the city’s accessible beaches. Experience Gaudí’s nature with your hands, add a sign-language tour or an audiodescribed show to your plans… Do you need any more ideas? You’ll find them with the SEARCH FACILITY or on the SUMMARY for accessible places of interest!

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Boqueria Market

Boqueria Market

La Rambla"s history is the Boqueria Market"s history. The evolution from a past of peddlers to a modern and charming present, full of colour and life. The market is a metaphor for Barcelona"s life, a human river that is the delight for those who like watching.
Hostafrancs Market

Hostafrancs Market

The market stands in the middle of this bustling shopping street of the Sants neighbourhood, and was built during the city"s major population boom to provide foodstuffs for the people who had moved to this factory district. It retains a traditional flavour which can still be glimpsed when you shop there or take a stroll between its stalls.

Abaceria Central Market

In the central part of Gràcia, which was once home to a close-knit working-class community, Barcelona"s Mercat de l"Abaceria opens the doors to a whole world of sensations and experiences. It is a pleasure to do some shopping here or just browse, as you listen to the characteristic cries of the stallholders which can tempt the most demanding shoppers.

Llibertat Market

When you explore the markets in the neighbourhood of Gràcia you"ll lose yourself in a labyrinth of aromas, sounds and colours. The Mercat de la Llibertat, is Gràcia"s market par excellence and one of the most important ones in Barcelona, invites you to soak up the distinctive smells and flavours in an extremely beautiful modernista building which has been refurbished several times.
Santa Caterina Market

Santa Caterina Market

Barcelona Cathedral, an undulating, brightly coloured roof catches our eye. Attracted like insects to a colourful flower, we approach to discover a food market below the roof: the Santa Caterina Market. The original design of the building, as well as the treasure trove of produce displayed on its stalls, won"t disappoint visitors to the neighbourhood of Santa Caterina.
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